Thursday, August 7, 2008

A Thank You from Our Soldier...

Operation Baking GALS

Ladies: Please allow me to extend a warm and heartfelt 'thank you' on behalf of the Office of the Staff Judge Advocate and the 10th Mountain Division (Light Infantry). We are sincerely touched by your generosity and kindness. I truly cannot express our gratitude and appreciation for you lifting our spirits and boosting our morale. In a combat environment, it is easy to forget about all of the good things back home that we are fighting for over here. However, because of your homemade treats, we are reminded of the good things in life.
Without a doubt, we Americans live in the greatest nation on earth. We are blessed with all the good things life has to offer. And thankfully, Operation Baking GALS has reminded us why we are ladies, with your treats made with love, have truly reminded us of the good things back home. You have reminded us of the love and support of the American People.
You have shared with us wonderful treats made in your very homes -- sometimes made with the help of your children. In short, you have opened your hearts and shared your love. And for that, we Soldiers are truly grateful.
Please do not think that your baked goods are insignificant in the grand scheme of things. Having personally experienced war in two theaters of operation (Iraq and Afghanistan), I know firsthand that your kindness and generosity will stay with those Soldiers who have enjoyed your goodies for a very long time. Some of these Soldiers do not have families...the Army is the only family they know. Some of these Soldiers do not receive packages from home. The only things from home they've received are the baked goods you sent them. And I assure you this means the world to them. So, from the very bottom of my heart, I want to say 'THANK YOU' for your

I promise you that you are doing a wonderful thing.

With all my thanks and appreciation, I am
Captain Jason S. Ballard
U.S. Army


Madam Chow said...

You are so welcome! Thank you for your service!
Madam Chow

Leigh and Anthony said...

It was our pleasure!