Saturday, August 9, 2008

Team Barefoot...

This is my nephew, Joe. He's over in Afghanistan, with the Air Guard.

I show you this photo, rather than something more military, because HE caught that huge salmon in his left hand this past April, and I think he'd rather have everyone looking at THAT triumph, rather than the traditional shot of him in his Air Guard uniform.

Joe was one of the first members of my husband's family that I met, nearly eleven years ago. My memory of this? Joe was tormenting a neighbor's dog with a remote-controlled car. He's grown up a bit since then, and recently he and his girlfriend bought their first house. It's a duplex, and they worked long and hard to fix up the top apartment to rent out. Their first tenant moved in not too long before Joe was shipped out this time. He's already been in and out of Iraq, and this current assignment should be a lot shorter than those previous couple of years.

He was over in Iraq when both my kids were born, in 2002 and 2004. My son has always adored him, but my daughter, Julia, the younger child, was rather leery of Joe when he would visit, in uniform, after she was born. She has warmed up to him a lot since then, in part because he's really, really great with his young cousins.

Not that he'd want anyone to be aware of this kinder, gentler side. So forget I said anything.

If you'd like to bake for Joe and his buddies, please send me an email at and please include your name, email address, name of your website, and URL, along with any questions you might have, and I'll get back to you ASAP!

Thanks so much for participating!!


~~ And here are the members (so far) of Team Barefoot! ~~

Heather of Sherry Trifle
Gina of gamecockdoc
Dianne of Dianne's Dishes
Lisa from White Plains, NY
Lauren from Alexandria, VA
Ingrid of 3B's...Baseball, Baking and Books
Margaret of Tea and Scones
Erin of Reading in Rheems
Gabi of The Feast Within
Donna of Spatulas, Corkscrews & Suitcases
Francine from Harvey, IL
Debbie of The Friday Friends
Krista from Los Angeles, CA
Tammi of Tammi's World
Heather of Hanson Girl
Mike from Roseau, MN
Kelly of Baking With The Boys
Megan of Megans Cookin
Marisa from Brooklyn, NY
and LeighAnne, Victoria and Margaret!

Thanks to all of you for enlisting!! :)


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