Thursday, August 21, 2008

A New Team and some updates!!

Yep - A NEW TEAM!! A little late in the game, I know, I know. But we have had so many people sign up, we needed to add another group! Anna of Maybe Just A Little Bite has just started blogging (welcome her, foodies!) and has taken over the hosting position of TEAM MAYBE For REAL! She will be posting info about her soldiers a bit later, but I wanted everyone to be on the lookout! An YAY to all of you for participating and getting in on this project!!
Can you believe that between the last Round and this Round we have enlisted over 250 bakers!! And nearly ALL are bloggers!! (and those who aren't wish they were, right?!) It's the Power of the Foodies taking over the internet! Be PROUD to be in on the ground floor of such a great project...I know I am. And I am proud of all of you. It is because of all of you that this took off like it did.

Okay, the updates. Thanks to a baker putting her non-baking buddy on task, we have a great Press Release that is flooding the circuits...and while Oprah still hasn't called (hahaha), my regional newspaper did! They are doing a piece on Baking GALS in the Communities section this Sunday. The Paper is the Roanoke Times, and the New River Current is where the piece will appear...please don't make fun of the pictures of your hostess in her kitchen. Yes, I know how I look. Don't rub it in. So check that out this Sunday if you are bored.

On a similar note, Steph of Team Steph Chows is going to be in HER paper this coming Tuesday! Check out her site for the links! Way to go Steph!!

Now, if ANYONE, host, baker or lurker would like a copy of the Press Release or would like it to be modified to suit YOU, please let me know. Getting our word spread on the net is great, but getting it out in the other world is a little tougher! We'd love to help you!!
Oh, before I forget - Please, by ALL MEANS, steal the Baking GALS picture of Rosie. Repost it wherever you want! You are welcome to her!

Any suggestions and/or comments on how to do things better, how to improve our visibility, how to make this more fun - please let me brain is pretty fried!

Again, stay tuned and look for Team Maybe For Real in the next little bit...and give her some support!


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