Sunday, August 10, 2008

Team Meet Me in the Kitchen...

Russ, his little girl Adrienne, and his wife, Tiffany

Hello! I am Mary Anne or Meet me in the Kitchen, and I am one of the 6 hosts for this month. My Team and I are going to be sending homemade goodies to my brother-in law, Russ. He is up there in the picture, on the left.
Russ is a fun-loving father and a good old country boy, who grew up in a small town in Georgia. I was lucky enough to be roommates with his future wife, before I married his brother, so it was great to see them get married and have an adorable daughter, who Russ spoils with all his love and attention. They got engaged when I was in the hospital with my first child and I remember how they glowed with happiness. Russ is a great uncle to my 3 kids. He is one who can make anyone laugh and feel at home. His daughter misses him dearly, as does his wife.

She said "Looking back, it was obvious that Russ would choose to be a soldier." He was always playing army games and wanted to attend military schools. He is a very high speed, dare devil type of guy. All those things plus a love of this country helped him in his decision to join the army. He is a dedicated, conscientious soldier. Aside from being a soldier in the army, he is also a devoted husband and father. Russ has one daughter, a four year old, that is his world. Other than that, he is a normal guy, who likes hunting, fishing, basketball, and Georgia Football (GO DAWGS!)

If you are interested in joining me in sending some goodies to Russ and his troop, send me an email- mattymare33 (at) yahoo (dot) com. Please include your
Blog Name:
I will in turn send you an email with all the details. Thanks so much!
Official Team Members
Adrienne Van Houten-Adrienne's House
Audrey Murray- Bella & Piekna
Sabrina Robideau-Superfluous
Laura Dawn Beckstrand
Brenda Watwood- webbie's world
Sheri White- cookingmom- My Life in Food and Pictures
Leigh Licata- No Sleep 'till Hanoi
Megan Malone
Fran Smith
Viveka Jagadeesan

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