Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Gearing Up For ROUND TWO!!

Even in the midst of Round One Packages arriving in Iraq, we are trying to get everything together for ROUND TWO! Thanks to everyone who has sent goodies, and to everyone emailing for info and resposting our mission on their own sites!
As many of you know, Dorie Greenspan wrote a great post about us on her site, and Kalyn of Kalyn's Kitchen wrote a great piece on the Blogher Network as well! Both of those posts have generated a lot of interest...and next up is the nightly news! That's right, the local CBS station here in my neck of the woods is coming to do a feel-good story about Operation Baking GALS!!

Before more info can be posted about Round Two - we need a couple more Hosts...
What is a host, you ask?
Well, a Host is someone who baked in Round One who has a soldier serving in a warzone. The Host will have a few duties, namely supplying approximately 25 Bakers with the address of their soldier, answering their emails, and THANKING the Bakers on their own site when everything is packaged up and sent. The Host will need to provide a short Bio of their soldier, and a picture, if possible, so that we can introduce them on this site.
Anyone interested? Please email me with the subject line - "Want To Host" at Right now, we have room for at least 3 more Hosts...


Mary Ann said...

Is that counting me as already hosting? Sorry, I am not trying to confuse you, but I was planning on hosting this month. Thanks!

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