Sunday, August 10, 2008

Round Two Starts Here!!!

Thanks everyone for your HUGE interest and support. If not for you, this organization wouldn't be what it is today! As some of you may already know, we made the local CBS news here last night ( in case you are interested in seeing the video yourself - I look, um, well, let's just not go there.)

But we do hope to see even more interest based on that, as well as the other things we currently have up our sleeves to let the world outside of the internet in on our group. But you are here NOW, and you want to know how it's going to work this time, right? Well, wait no more.

Six Hosts are heading up Round TWO of Operation Baking GALS! What does that mean to a baker?? Well, that means you choose!
The hosts will be posting Bios of their soldiers here on the site as well as their own sites and they are recruiting YOU to do some heartfelt baking!

Here is the INFO you came for!!

August Shipping Dates: August 23-30

When do you ship? Anytime that week. We want to bombard these troops with baked goods!!
Where do you ship? Your Host will send you an email letting you know the address.
What can you bake? That's up to you! See Cat's Post on how to ship for better packing instructions.
Who's YOUR Host? That's up to you! PLEASE send a host an email with the Subject Line - "I want on your team" and she will get back to you. So that others may see that you have enlisted to that team, your Host will be posting your name on the BIO of the soldier...that way we can keep track of who's shipping where! We want all of the soldiers to get lots of packages! If you haven't already emailed to join the Official Roster, please do so in addition to emailing your host...we want to know just how many bakers we really have!!
What if you can't choose a soldier? NO PROBLEM!! Just send an email to with the Subject Line - ANY SOLDIER and we will assign you to a host to round out the group. Again, we want to be as equal as we can be!
How will you get thanked? That's an important question..and it's one that makes Operation Baking GALS so unique! Not only does everyone know WHO they are baking for...Everyone gets THANKED! Your Host will be posting a thanks to each of her bakers on her own site after the ship dates have passed, sometime around September 1st.

Questions? That's what we are here for!! Just ask 'em!!


TeaLady said...

Do you have the html data to put the Baking Gals logo on my sidebar. I am not very computer literate and need a code rather than just posting a picture. Thanks

Maegan said...

I won't be able to get involved to help right now (too many projects already!)...but I put a link to the blog on my own blog. Also wanted to mention jar a search for mason jar cakes, or jar cakes. They are awesome. Had two brothers in Iraq & Saudi for two seperate tours. We send them a couple at a time with a can of store bought frosting. Might be an idea to send to your soldiers. :)

JD said...

Hi, I sent an e-mail to the Gmail address and left a voicemail on your answering machine about doing a story on this for the Roanoke Times. Hope to hear from you soon!

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