Saturday, August 23, 2008

Another New Team...Yes, Another!!

Hello everyone! Thanks for dropping by to catch up or find out what all the fuss is about!
Today there are hundred of bakers firing up their ovens, getting ready to bake and ship thousands of cookies to some very deserving troops...and as of last night, we have enough bakers to justify adding yet Another soldier to the mix!!

The soldier for this new team is stationed in Iraq and is over a group of Junior Soldiers, meaning - we have some youngins' needing cookies! Who wants to help?

Because we are adding this troop in just a little late, we are exteding shipping for him from the 23rd (today) all the way through the 4th of September. I have also decided that although it's a lot of work - I will go ahead and Host him myself - so maybe this will be Team DoughMessTic Squared?

If you are just now finding out about Baking GALS and want to join us - PLEASE give us a shout - and we will get you asigned to one of our teams - we'd LOVE to have you!

A HUGE Thank You to everyone one of you who are baking as well as spreading the word...articles being written about us, radio programs, gossip, culinary schools, square dancers, church groups, BUNCO groups!! You all know who you are! Thank YOU!!!
Here are some links to some of our very supportive promoters:
Just Baking - a very nice write up by Sandy
Great Cooks Radio - Jill did a fun interview about Baking GALS - check it out!

Coming Soon - our write up in the Roanoke Times and the article about Steph of Steph Chows!!
Hey Oprah?! We're waiting on you!


stephchows said...

I should have the link for you tomorrow I'll post it up as soon as I have it!! :) Rock on!

Melissa's blog collection said...

I would really like to get involved. Please email me at melfsu at aol dot com.

Great work!

Maddy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
gastronomy612 said...

i too am interested in getting involved. please email me the details.

marina dot beatty at gmail dot com

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