Monday, September 8, 2008

Round Three Starts Here!

More than TEN Hosts are heading up Round THREE of Operation Baking GALS! What does that mean to a baker?? Well, that means you choose!
The hosts will be posting Bios of their soldiers here on the site as well as their own sites and they are recruiting YOU to do some heartfelt baking! Please stay tuned to the GALS Site for info as we get it.

Here is the INFO you came for!!

Round Three Shipping Dates: September 27-October 6

When do you ship? Anytime during that timeframe. We want to bombard these troops with baked goods!!
Where do you ship? Your Host will send you an email letting you know the address.
What can you bake? Anything you want! These soldiers aren't picky! Most GALS tend to ship anywhere from 3 to 6 dozen cookies, though some have made 20-30 DOZEN by getting their friends involved in the effort! How many YOU choose to end is up to YOU. No amount is too small, it is the thought that really counts. Typical shipping in a Flat Rate Large Box for APO (available at your Post Office) runs $10.95 and you can pack it FULL for that cost. Smaller boxes are also available as well. Please refer to Cat's Post for more detailed info on what to ship, how to ship, how to package and more!
Who's YOUR Host? That's up to you! PLEASE send a host an email with the Subject Line - "I want on your team" and she will get back to you. So that others may see that you have enlisted to that team, your Host will be posting your name on the BIO of the soldier...that way we can keep track of who's shipping where! We want all of the soldiers to get lots of packages! If you haven't already emailed to join the Official Roster, please do so in addition to emailing your host...we want to know just how many bakers we really have!!
What if you can't choose a soldier? NO PROBLEM!! Just send an email to with the Subject Line - ANY SOLDIER and we will assign you to a host to round out the group. Again, we want to be as equal as we can be!
How will you get thanked? That's an important question..and it's one that makes Operation Baking GALS so unique! Not only does everyone know WHO they are baking for...Everyone gets THANKED! Your Host will be posting a thanks to each of her bakers on her own site after the ship dates have passed, sometime around September 1st.

Questions? That's what we are here for!! Just ask 'em!!


An Apron Straitjacket said...

Whoot! I've already bought a few extra goodies to send along. Can't wait to bake another batch and send it out!

mgdsue said...

I joined up in Round two. It was fun. Can't wait to do it again in Round three!

Chef Kim said...

Response has been fabulous and I'm excited to be hosting a team for Round 3!

Beth said...

Can't wait to hear about my team! I'm excited to bake fun fall cookies for the troops.

Morgan said...

Oh my gosh.....this is the best idea ever. I only wish I had heard about it sooner! Sign me up....I've already sent off a letter to be assigned a host. OH BABY, I can't wait to start baking!

Shannalee || Food Loves Writing said...

I'm dying to get started on this. Will the hosts post soon?

Fran Z said...

So happy to be hosting a soldier in Round 3- can't wait!

The Food Duo: C + C Cooking Factory said...

I told my mom about the group and my participation last month. She's really interested in helping me to bake for Round 3. She wants to get my little cousins, ages 10 and 12, involved too. Can't wait!!

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