Sunday, September 14, 2008

Team Adrienne's House - Updated

Welcome to Adrienne's House sit down, relax, put your feet up. Heck put your feet on the furniture, we don't mind around here.

Our soldier this time around is Sgt. Mark Martin of Chatsworth Georgia. He is a father of 3 stationed in Iraq at Camp Victory inside Baghdad on his THIRD TOUR of duty! He is quoted in "The View From the Right" regarding the back-to-back deployments of troops as saying "We are so stretched that constantly, if we are not training back home, we are here."

Camp Victory is the primary component of the Victory Base Complex which occupies the area surrounding the Baghdad International Airport. It has several living support areas; Freedom Village,[2] and Dodge Cities North and South, along with building 51F, which is commonly known as "Area 51". There are also two smaller living areas reserved for government contractors, as well as a third for employees of an Iraqi contracting company.

But what it doesn't have is fresh baked cookies and muffins!

Personally, I think I will be making some Tollhouse chocolate chips and some good ol Rice Krispie Treats. Wouldn't you like to join me in some baking fun? Please email me at to join this team.

Meet the team!
Stacey Doniger
S Beener
Brenda Watwood


sassy2 said...

warming the oven and getting ready to bake, bake, bake!!! :)

bull family said...

This is really sweet of you guys! My husband is at Camp Victory as well and I know how much they appreciate home baked goods! God Bless.

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