Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Lots of Happenings...

All kinds of things going on!!
We are just wrapping up Round Three - a very successful round I must say!! We had the 10 posted teams you saw here on the site, plus 2 overflow teams that I hosted for "late bakers" and even a private team from Myrtle Beach!! What great idea by Chris from Legends In Concert of Myrtle Beach - she organized her staff, got a soldier related to the group and then baked and they shipped 25 packages to their troop! What an effort! Please take the time to visit their blog...they really did a great job!

Another great effort is in the works by Fran, one of our hosts from this round. She has decided to spin off a local chapter in Northern Ohio for bakers who don't blog like we do...so she is rounding cookies up in a whole new way. Check out her spin-off at http://ohbakes.blogspot.com
Good luck Fran!

There were also countless groups of bakers all over the country (and even abroad!! We're going global!) that banded together and baked in mass quantities this go-round...I jus hope all of you will join in again for Round 4! This will be a great round to get in on - Halloween ship dates! Think of how much fun you can send in a Halloween goody box!

We are working on getting a new, improved and user-friendly site up - but even if it isn't quite ready, I will hopefully have all of the teams announced by the end of the week so that you can sign on for a soldier. keep in mind, you MUST sign on EVERY month you want to bake...just because you baked one round doesn't mean we expect you to bake again...and each round offers up new soldiers into the mix. So please, sign on to a new team every round if you intend to bake.

Lastly, we have been in the news EVERYWHERE it seems over the past month...many places I didn't even know! So, if you saw us or heard us somewhere, please add it to the comments on this post - I would love to know! A big thanks to Morgan, one of our bakers for getting us some airtime in San Diego on KSON FMs Morning Show - I hope to have the soundclip up later - and also to Pam in Texas for getting us on the Tyler TX news with her fabulous baking!!

Email me if you would like info on how to get on your own local news or in the local paper - you deserve a lot of credit!!


Jules Someone said...

You rock. This is an amazing thing. How are you doing on hosts? I'd love to be one if you need me!

KelseyKakes said...

Hi Susan,
I would love to get us some press in the New York City area...any advice? I am on my third round on OBG's and just can't get enough!!! Let's keep spreading the word!

Anonymous said...

I hope to join in round 4...what a great program! I"ll be traveling home Halloween week (from the Marine Corps Marathon in DC) but am going to do my darndest to make it happen!

Jen said...

Can't wait for round 3! I'm baking this weekend and planning on freezing for our soliders! ginger pinwheels and candy corn cookies! I hope they like them!

Jen said...

yeah I meant to say round 4, opps!

Erika Martin - Stampin' Mama said...

I just sent out a package for Round 3 on my mom's team (Spatulas & Corkscrews) and I'd love to get a team of papercrafting bloggers together to send out for Round 4. I tucked a baggie of handmade cards in my package because I know the soldiers don't have much access for cards to send home to loved ones. I'd like to get a team together for sending "Cookies & Cards" to a soldier for Round 4 if you can find me a solider. :) I just posted on my blog about the package I just sent out.


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