Thursday, September 18, 2008

Introducing Team Daleske!

I'm Steph from Mostly Useless Drivel and I'm honored to be hosting CPT Christopher Daleske! Let me tell you a little bit about our soldier....

Christopher calls Hilton Head Island South Carolina home but also claims Summit, NJ...a small town in Union County. He attended High school at Valley Forge Military Academy in Wayne, PA and was a member of the regimental band on a music scholarship during High School. He then continued on to Jr College and was comissioned as a 2nd LT in the Army through Valley Forge Military Academy and College in Wayne PA in 2001, transferred to Clemson University in South Carolina in 2001-2004. He joined TKE, a social fraternity, and graduated with a BA in Political Science and a BA in History (he's talented and a genius!). He was initially stationed at Fort Bragg, NC with the 18th Fires BDE, and then transferred to the 18th Airborne Corps for the current deployment.
Christopher married his college sweetheart in July of 2007, and was deployed just seven short months later, in Feb 2008. He expects to come home in the Spring of 2009. His beautiful young wife is living with her parents until he comes home, and he plans on moving them to Virginia and working for the military in some capactiy upon his redeployment.
Christopher loves to travel and is so fanatical about college football that he stays up 'til 6 AM watching the games in Iraq! He's very active, loves sports and the ocean, and after being around the dusty brown of Iraq for so long, misses the snow, rain and everything beautifully green.
Christopher is the unofficial Morale Officer to the men and women around him. He shares everything he gets from home to lighten the mood and morale for his friends and fellow soldiers over there. He even stores up any party related items he recieves from home for impromtu birthday celebrations for those around him.
Most importantly, he thanks God every single day for keeping his friends, family, countrymen and women safe and for all that they do. How about a HUGE thanks to Christopher for all that he does to keep all of us safe!

Let's all pray for the safety and health of CPT Daleske, and all of our soldiers serving in the armed forces. And those of you who are so inclined, well let's bake our little hearts out and shower him with the love and gratitude he deserves!

If you would like to join Team Deleske, just send me an email at and I'll get you his address ASAP! Be sure your name is on it somewhere, so I can give you a little shout out, and if you have a webpage of your own, include the URL.

Meet our amazing team......

Dalia Concepcion
Jennifer Abrams
Carol Curro of Katonah, NY
Jenny Fisk
Randy & Val Monday
Beth Ann
Renee Meaux
Katie Jones
Lisa stein
Dolores Ferraro
Tracey Kelly
Abbie Jackson of Birmingham, AL
Lan Pham
Sarah Witgen
Tracy Johnson
Stacey Jensen
Monica Harvell
Julie Schaeffer
Lorna Cohen
Kassie Green
Pamela Houchins
Sue Kelly


Jules Someone said...

Yeah! I'm in. E-mail sent and baking soon to start. Thanks!

Tracy said...

I'd like to sign up. I just sent you an email. Thanks!

The Tile Lady said...

God bless this young man and all the other young men and women like him overseas! They are in our prayers!

Anj said...

I'd love to be on your team and help support this brave soldier. I will e-mail also.

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